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Hope Lions Hear Program on Robert Walz Collection from Peggy Lloyd


The Hope Lions Club heard a fascinating program from Peggy Lloyd of the Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives of Washington on Monday September 8th.  Lloyd gave a report on the Dr. Robert Walz collection.  Dr. Walz was a native of Little River County and spent much of his career teaching history at Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia.  He practiced photography as a hobby and had a “dark room” lab at his home in those pre-digital days.  He collected several thousand  photos from around Arkansas dating back to the 1800′s.  He investigated these photos and often had information on the subjects depicted.  Upon his death the collection went to the archives in Washington.  Lloyd showed a series of Dr. Walz’s photos to the club and talked about the backgrounds.  The Lions stayed past the meeting’s regular dismissal time and many also stayed to ask questions after the meeting was over.

Warrant Out of Clark County


Jeffery Roddon 43 year old W/M from Prescott, was arrested on a call by Deputy Preston Glenn on Sunday the September 7th 2014 for a warrant out of Clark County.

No Driver License and Body Attachment for Child Support


Antoine Palmer 30 year old B/M from Hope was arrested by Deputy Robert Missey and Deputy Cole Hillery on Saturday September 6th 2014 for no driver license and a body attachment for child support. 

Speeding, Driving on a Suspended License and No Proof of Insurance


Samuel Rivas 35 year old white male from Wood Bridge Virginia was arrested on Saturday September 6th 2014 by Deputy Robert Missey for speeding, driving on a suspended license and no proof of insurance.

Skull Found South of Fulton


A human skull and a piece of clothing has been discovered along the Red River. Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton said he received a phone call Monday from a farmer who has cattle along the Red River approximately six miles south of Fulton. The call was in reference to a skull and a piece of clothing discovered by dove hunters while hunting on a sand bar near his farm. Hempstead County and Arkansas State Police criminal investigators responded to the sandbar. The skull and a piece of blue colored clothing were discovered approximately 200 feet apart. Officers conducted a search of the approximately mile long sand bar on foot and ATVs, but nothing else was found. Singleton said the skull appeared to be mostly intact. It and the clothing were taken as evidence and is being sent to the Arkansas Crime Lab for identification.

UACCH establishes Collegiate Shooting Sports Team

Pictured left to right:  Dr. Peyton Aven, Dr. Courtney Murray, UACCH Chancellor Chris Thomason, Dr. Robee’ Carter, Reese Shuffield, and James Jackson of the Smiles of Arkansas Team recently presented a $10,000 check to UACCH Chancellor Chris Thomason to support the new U of A Hope and Texarkana Shooting Sports Team.


The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope is starting its first Collegiate Team with the announcement of the U of A Hope -Texarkana Shooting Sports Club.  The Shooting Sport Club, sponsored by Dr. Robbie Carter and Smiles of Arkansas, will give students the opportunity to compete both in Arkansas and nationally in shotgun sports including trap, skeet, and sporting clays. Shooting sports has grown in popularity among high schools in UACCH’s primary service area.  This growth is contributed to the development of the Arkansas Shooter Sports Program that was developed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and has over 5,000 students participating annually.  The College is looking forward to providing these talented students an opportunity to compete in this popular sport as they pursue their higher education at UACCH.  Shooting sports is UACCH’s first experience in its fifty years of service to southwest Arkansas to have a collegiate team sport. With the talent in the region, the college is looking forward to competing with larger colleges and universities from across the state and nation.   The shotgun shooting sports is unique in that it will allow schools of varying sizes to compete without unfair advantages to the larger size universities.  UACCH’s service has had multiple Junior Olympic qualifying shooters and many that have ranked very favorably in the state at the high school level.  Therefore, UACCH looks forward to recruiting regional talent to have a very competitive team. Dr. Carter is an avid outdoorsman and appreciates the opportunity the Arkansas Shooting Sports program has provided for high school students in the region.  The shooting sports team will be selected from the U of A Hope and Texarkana Shooting Sports Club that will be open to students from both campuses.  The club will allow students to hone their skills in leadership, time management, and sportsmanship while improving their shooting sports skills and hopefully be selected as a member of the traveling competition team.  The support of Dr. Carter and Smiles of Arkansas will assist the traveling team members with scholarships and additional travel expenses. For more about UACCH and the development of Collegiate Sports on campus, visit the College website at

Let’s Go to Work Foundation

These four young men are Hope High Alumni and they are part of the “Let’s Go To Work” Foundation.  They have all finished college and have careers in other communities…but they come back to Hope High when they can to speak with young people and encourage them to stay in school as well as continue their education past high school.  Pictured is Luke Irvin, Gregory Smith (Dr. Welch, he is an ASU grad, class of 2010!), Warrent Thornton, and Marcus Washington.  They have a facebook page at Let’s Got To Work Foundation if you’d like to learn more.

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