Hempstead County Sheriff Media Release


On 20 August 2013, Inv. Gary Dorman was in his patrol unit near the intersection of north Hervey and holiday drive, in Hope, Arkansas. Inv. Dorman heard Hope Police Sgt. Daniel Steward state that he was attempting to stop a vehicle on I-30. Sgt. Steward stated that the vehicle was west bound from the 31 entrance ramp. From Inv. Dorman’s location he observed the vehicle exit the interstate on the 30 mile marker exit, with Sgt. Steward behind the vehicle with his emergency lights and siren on. Inv. Dorman observed the vehicle fail to stop at the red light of the intersection. Sgt. Steward was forced to stop at the red light because of traffic. Inv. Dorman got behind the vehicle and advised dispatch that he would be taking over the pursuit as it was going out of the city limits. Inv. Dorman continued to pursue the vehicle north on highway 278 west. The vehicle turned south onto Hempstead 21 the vehicle turned west onto Hempstead 2 and continued at a high rate of speed. Deputies Steven Dunham and Charlie Featherston advised that they were on highway 67 near highway 353. Deputy Dunham advised that he had “spike strips” in his unit and would attempt to spike the vehicles tires at the intersection of Hempstead 2 and highway 353. Deputy Dunham stated that the vehicle hit the strips and continued west on Hempstead 2. The vehicle continued a short distance before the tires deflated near of BMP farms. Inv. Dorman observed who he knew to be Justin Alberson falling from the top of a fence on the south side of Hempstead 2. Dorman Continued  into the driveway of BMP farms and caught up to Justin as he was continuing to flee on foot Dorman exited his vehicle and after a short foot chase Dorman was able to take him into custody. Deputy Featherston arrived and assisted Dorman in taking Alberson in custody. Deputy Steve Dunham and Sheriff Singleton took the passenger Shane Pipkin into custody.