Hope City Board Holds Second Meeting of April


The Hope City Board kicked off their second April meeting Tuesday (4-15) by discussing the rezoning of some land at 1005 West 5th.  Francisco Salazar and the Iglesia Fuente de Aqua Viva had asked the land be changed from R-2 to R-3 to accommodate a planned religious radio station.  Of particular interest was the church’s plan to build a nearly 100 foot tower for the antenna for the station.  The planning and zoning had approved the variance for the tower so all the board was deciding was the change in zoning to allow for the radio station office and studio in the church at that address.  Salazar was on hand to answer questions and the board approved the resolution approving the change. The board approved a resolution expressing the city’s willingness to participate in the city state aid project for $66,000 to overlay a small section of West Avenue B.  The board voted to participate in the program last year but did not pass a resolution required to take part in the state aid project. A draft agreement was approved by the board concerning Valerie Klipsch’s wish to continue landscaping the Klipsch Garden at Walnut and Division.  The approved draft will now be submitted to Mrs. Klipsch to consider. The board approved a bid for mowing at Rose Hill and Cave Hill Cemetery.  The lowest bid was $21,000 from Booth Mowing of Hazen.  The board did not approve the bid due to concerns about the company being so far from Hope.  The next lowest bid was $22,500 from Bill Byrd.  This bid was accepted and approved.  The board also accepted a bid for hay at the airport.  The board approved bid for $5.55 per round bale from Glendon Bobo.  The bid was for five years. City Manager Catherine Cook gave an update on the recent storm damage at the airport and other locations.  She noted what had originally been estimated at around $40,000 to $70,000 has grown to about $145,000.  This is due to the airport roof not only needing some re-decking but the roof membrane needing to be replaced due to punctures all over the roof.  This was estimated at $112,850.  It appears some siding for a city-owned one-story building at the airport will cost about $5,500.  Also there is some damage to the city’s radio antenna and it will require a technician to climb the tower and re-position the antenna, this plus about $20,000 in damage to the landfill baler building.  City officials are working to determine how much insurance will cover. City Manager Catherine Cook also reminded those present the first city-wide cleanup of 2014 will be April 26th.  Crews will begin about 7am.  If you have questions phone City Hall at 777-6701. Hope Mayor Dennis Ramsey noted the board has had difficulty in securing citizens to serve on the board and two members returned to the board after no one ran for their seats when they declined to run.  He suggested the city look at going from 7 wards to 4 wards with 3 at-large positions.  He noted several comparable towns have moved to such a system and that he felt it would encourage a new generation interested in serving to run for board positions.  The mayor asked the board to study the proposal for discussion at a future meeting.