Cruelty to Animals and five counts of Permitting Livestock to run at Large

Seth Borchert Age 29 Blevins, Arkansas Cruelty to Animals,

On April 13, 2014, Deputies were called to the Blevins area near Hempstead 231 & 47 13, in reference to several horses running at large and sometimes being on Highway 29 North endangering the public safety and the safety of the animals. Deputies searched the area but were unable to locate any horses. On April 14, at approximately 4:30 pm, Deputies were once again called to area, the caller advised that five horses were in their back yard. Deputy Steve Dunham arrived in the area and was able to locate the horses in a field behind the caller’s house. Deputy Dunham was able to keep the horses in the field until a stock trailer arrived the horses were loaded and taken to a safe location. Five horses were caught and seized by the Sheriff’s Office, according to several persons in the area the horses had been running loose in that area for over a week; Deputies had been called on those prior occasions but were unable to find them. Upon further investigation deputy Dunham discovered the carcass of a horse at the location on Hempstead 231 where the other five horses were allegedly kept. Deputy Dunham found no evidence that the horses had been properly taken care or a proper fence erected to keep the horses from running at large.  After talking with persons in the area Deputy Dunham was able to contact Seth Borchert on Tuesday April 15, 2014, Borchert who was in charge of the horses. Borchert told Deputy Dunham that the owners were James and Angie but could not provide last names or phone numbers or other information. According to people in the area the horses looked to be suffering from malnutrition, but after being out for over a week they had gained considerable weight but still not in the best of shape. Borchert was arrested and charged with cruelty to Animals and five counts of Permitting Livestock to run at Large. He was transported to the HCDF pending posting of bond.