New Deputy at Hempstead County Sheriff Office


Sheriff welcomes new Deputy, Deputy Derick Bunn recently joined 70 other Law Enforcement Officers from across the state as they Graduated from Class 2014 – A, of the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy after nearly three months of training. Deputy Bunn was employed in March of 2011 as a Detention Officer and later promoted to Shift Sergeant prior to being selected by Sheriff Singleton to attend the LawEnforcementTrainingAcademy in January of this year. Derick is a great addition to our professional law enforcement team; I expect very good things from him said the Sheriff. Deputy Bunn graduated HopeHigh School in 2003; He is an 11 year veteran of the Arkansas National Guard assigned to Company B 1/153 INF in Hope where he holds the rank of Sergeant. Since graduating from ALETA on March 28, 2014 Deputy Bunn has been undergoing on the Job training by other deputies to become familiar with Hempstead County Sheriff’s Policies and Procedures. Once his field training is complete he will be assigned to the Sheriff’s patrol division.