Possession of Controlled Substance

Durrell Booker age 35 of Alanta , Texas Possession of controlled substance

On 16 April 2014, at approximately 12:01 am Inv. Gary Dorman was in the area of the Hampton Inn on Hervey Street in Hope, Arkansas. I noticed a suspicious male subject walking out of the rear of the parking lot. Dorman made contact with the subject who identified himself by a Louisiana Identification Card as Durrell Booker.  Booker told Inv. Dorman that his friend went to Wal-Mart to meet her husband and that he was going to see about getting a room at the Hampton Inn. Inv. Dorman asked the subject if he went into the lobby of the hotel and he stated no. Dorman noticed a large bulge in Durrell’s right pants pocket. I asked Durrell if I could search his person. Durrell stated “Yeah”. Inv. Dorman then conducted a search of Durrell’s right pants pocket and discovered a pill bottle that stated it contained Alprazolam. The bottle also stated that the prescription was made out to another person. Dorman then placed Durrell under arrest. He looked inside the pill bottle and observed numerous pink colored pills and three larger pills. And then continued the search of Durrell and located a pink colored baggie containing a crystal like substance. Dorman also located another pill in Durrell’s jacket pocket that matched the three larger pills that were located in the bottle. Deputy Kyle Rowe arrived and transported Durrell to the HempsteadCountyDetentionCenter. Booker was charged with Possession of Controlled Substance and is awaiting a first court appearance.