Hempstead County Quorum Court Meeting


The Hempstead County Quorum Court met Thursday July 25th for their regular monthly meeting and immediately passed an ordinance appropriating $52,388 to purchase a new brush cutter. The JP’s then endorsed a resolution endorsing Pafford EMS for the state’s “tax back ” program for their expansion program. A more vexing issue was a proposed transaction between the county and Stills Automotive. In 1994, the Quorum Court voted to sell Still’s a tiny sliver of land,, 26 hundredths of an acre, to straighten their fence row. The Still’s have not acted on that $250 transaction until recently ;however, it was pointed out before the J. P. ‘s acted upon the proposed resolution that this land may have been involved in the land swap between the city and county that resulted in the construction of the city’s new evidence storage facility. The matter was tabled until it can be determined who actually owns the land some 19 years after the quorum court first dealt with the matter.