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Criminal Trespassing and Criminal Mischief

On June 29, 2015 at approximately 09:30 a.m. Deputy Jeremy McBride was dispatched in reference to a residential burglary. Upon arrival, he met with the home owner who stated that Tammy Trammel and More »


Walgreens Employee Arrested

On June 24, 2015 1:45 pm, officers of the Hope Police Department arrested Liliana Frayre, 20, of Hope for theft of controlled substances by fraudulent practices.  Frayre was arrested from the 1000 More »


Hope School Board Holds Special Meeting

The Hope School Board held a special meeting Monday June 29th. The meeting was held to deal with personnel and most of the meeting was held in executive session. More »


Former Hope Pastor Dies

A former Hope pastor died Sunday in Magnolia. Jim Sayers pastored Garrett Memorial Baptist Church in the 1970s. Sayers was in the ministry 54 years, most recently retiring from his last pastorate, More »

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Cook Receives Award at Municipal League

Hope City Manager Catherine Cook received the Jack R. Rhodes, Sr. award recently at the Arkansas Municipal League Annual Convention held in Little Rock June 24th through 26th.  Cook was honored for More »


Hope Officials Attend Municipal League Meeting

Several officials from Hope attended the 81st annual Arkansas Municipal League Awards & New Officers Luncheon held in Little Rock as part of the annual convention.  The Municipal League is a dedicated More »


God & Country Day at Unity Baptist Church

Unity Baptist Church in Hope celebrated “God & Country Day” Sunday June 28th. Posting the colors for this special service was Landon Loe, Mark Ross, and Mary Bearden. More »

Hope Cuffs and Hoses

Annual Cuffs & Hoses Blood Drive

More »


Alligator Hunt Deadline Nears

Arkansas alligator hunting is a unique activity, not for the timid or faint of heart. It is also an important management strategy for wildlife biologists and game managers because it helps keep More »


Big Diamond Found at Murfreesboro

An 8.52-carat white diamond was found June 24 by Bobbie Oskarson of Longmont, Colorado, at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, according to park officials. Clear white and icicle shaped, More »

Annual Cuffs & Hoses Blood Drive

Hope Cuffs and Hoses

Hope Cuffs and Hoses

Alligator Hunt Deadline Nears


Arkansas alligator hunting is a unique activity, not for the timid or faint of heart. It is also an important management strategy for wildlife biologists and game managers because it helps keep populations of alligators within desired numbers. The hunting is on both public and private lands in south Arkansas, and permits specify where the hunter can seek a gator.

Arkansas hunters can apply for alligator hunting permits for the 2015 season until midnight this Tuesday, June 30th.

Each permit authorizes the taking of one alligator, which must be at least four feet long. There are two hunts-September 18-21 and September 25-28. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age the day of the hunt, and only Arkansas residents or holders of Arkansas Lifetime Sportsman’s Permits may apply at www.agfc.com. Applicants with 12 or more AGFC violation points are ineligible to apply.

Successful applicants must attend a hunter orientation class at the AGFC Hope Regional Office at Perrytown or in Monticello or Little Rock.

Big Diamond Found at Murfreesboro


An 8.52-carat white diamond was found June 24 by Bobbie Oskarson of Longmont, Colorado, at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, according to park officials. Clear white and icicle shaped, this gem is the fifth largest diamond found by a park visitor since the state park was established in 1972. Twenty minutes into her search, she found the diamond in an area known as the Pig Pen, aptly named because its the muddiest part of the search area after a good rain. She named her gem the Esperanza Diamond, both her niece’s name and the Spanish word for “hope.” At this time. Oskarson plans to keep the diamond.

Now in the park’s record books, the 8.52 carat diamond is topped in size by only four previous finds, including the largest, the white 16.37-carat Amarillo Starlight found in 1976. The white 8.82-carat Star of Shreveport was found in 1981, the white 8.66-carat Illusion Diamond found in 2011 and the brown 8.61-carat Lamle Diamond found in 1978.

The largest diamond ever found was the Uncle Sam, a 40.23-carat stone found in 1924 when there was a commercial diamond mine in operation. Another notable gem was the 15.33-carat Star of Arkansas white diamond found in 1956 when the area was under private ownership.

thanks to Saratoga, AR Digest

Severe Weather Costs


The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and local emergency management coordinators, have completed preliminary assessments of the damage caused by flooding and severe weather that started on May 7, 2015 and continued. These joint assessments listed over 370 homes as damaged in some way and estimated the public damage at over $6 million dollars.

Two areas are involved in disaster recovery operations; public assistance and individual assistance. Residences fall under the Individual Assistance Program and the monetary amounts are not estimated until applications for aid are processed. The Public Assistance Program breaks down into seven categories: Debris Removal, Emergency Protective Measures, Roads and Bridges, Water Control Facilities, Buildings and Equipment, Utilities, and Parks and Recreational Facilities.

An area breakdown of Public Assistance with the total followed by cost breakdown:

Hempstead County: Total-$152,035…Debris Removal-$19,550…Emergency Protective Measures-$93,072…Roads & Bridges-$27,413…Water Control Facilities-$12,000

Howard County: Total-$817,176…Debris Removal-$619,471…Emergency Protective Measures-$20,500…Roads & Bridges-$146,705…Buildings & Equipment-$20,500.. Utilities-$10,000

Little River County: Total-230,770…Debris Removal-$23,000…Emergency Protective Measures-$10,000…Roads & Bridges-$197,770

Nevada County: Total-$234,770…Debris Removal-$5,570…Emergency Protective Measures-$20,000…Roads & Bridges-$209,020

Lafayette County: Total-$133,275, all for Roads & Bridges

Pike County: Total-$167,533…Debris Removal-$42,461…Emergency Protective Measures-$6,272…Roads & Bridges-$113,800…Utilities-$5,000

Sevier County: Total-$114,576…Debris Removal-$106,656…Roads & Bridges-$7,920

Clark County: Total-$575,874…Debris Removal-$3,817…Emergency Protective Measures-$7,133…Roads & Bridges-$93,527…Utilities-$471,397

Miller County: Total-$169,000, all for Emergency Protective Measures

thanks to Saratoga, AR Digest

Civil War Marker Set for Near Spring Hill


The Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission has approved an application for an Arkansas Civil War Sesquicentennial Historical Marker in Hempstead County, Commission Chairman Tom Dupree announced Friday. The marker, which is sponsored by the Hempstead County Historical Society, will commemorate the Confederate fortifications at Dooley’s Ferry on the Red River and a later African American church and cemetery on the site. The marker will be placed south of a Hempstead County Road west of Highway 29 South near Spring Hill. The Commission works with local partners to help tell the story of how the Civil War affected communities around the state. To date, 124 markers in 68 counties have been approved. Seven counties are still without markers, including Howard in southwest Arkansas.

Disaster Declaration for Southwest Arkansas


The Federal Emergency Management Agency today announced a major disaster declaration for several Arkansas counties, including Howard, Little River, Miller and Sevier in southwest Arkansas. Hempstead, Howard, Little River, Lafayette, Nevada, Clark, Pike, Miller and Sevier Counties in southwest Arkansas are eligible to apply for Public Assistance for emergency work and the repair or replacement of disaster-damaged facilities. All Arkansas counties will be eligible to apply for assistance under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, which helps prevent or reduce long-term risks to life or property. All six members of Arkansas’ Congressional Delegation had sent a joint letter Wednesday to President Obama in support of Governor Asa Hutchinson’s disaster declaration request. In a joint statement, the delegation said, “We are pleased with this quick response from the administration which will allow residents and local governments financial assistance to speed up recovery efforts. This covers tornadoes, flooding severe weather in May that claimed three southwest Arlkansas lives. Thanks to Saratoga, AR Digest.

US 71 closed at Index


The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department has closed U.S. Highway 71 due to Red River flood waters covering the road. As of 1:00 pm this afternoon, both northbound and southbound lanes have been closed between the Arkansas Welcome Center on the south end and the intersection with State Highway 380 at Ogden on the north end-a total of 2.47 miles of U.S. Highway 71. The south end of the closure has been relocated from State Highway 108 in Miller County to the Arkansas Welcome Center to accomodate area businesses. Barricades, signs and portable electronic message boards have been placed to warn motorists of the closure at various points along U.S. Highway 71, both north and south of the closure. Permenent message boards throughout the Texarkana metro on I-49 and I-30 will also be utilized. Arkansas Highway 41 between Foreman and New Boston, Texas has not been affected, and remains open. Traffic has begun to detour through Saratoga.