Women of Hope Host Chamber Coffee

The Hope/Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce Community Coffee on Wednesday August 20th was hosted by the “Women of Hope”. This group does a lot of great community work and will hold their More »


Hope City Board Holds 2nd Meeting of August

The Hope City Board tackled a number of issues in an hour-long meeting Tuesday (8-19).  The first action taken was a positive vote to allow the Hope Police Department to apply for More »


Chamber Cuts Ribbon for Karate Pig

The Hope/Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting on Thursday August 14th for the Karate Pig Bakery & Bistro. The new restaurant is located at 501 North Hervey and is open More »


Hope Kiwanis Club Hears From Hope Schools Superintendent Bobby Hart

You may be more used to seeing this man standing in front of a Rotary banner because he is President of the Hope Rotary Club but on Tuesday August 19th Hope Schools More »


Millwood Drawdown

A drawdown is underway at Millwood Lake to allow for bank stabilization work at Cottonshed Park. The lake is being drawn down a foot to a pool elevation of 258.2 feet. The More »


Hope Man Arrested in Mineral Springs Shooting

A Sunday afternoon shooting in Mineral Springs left one man injured and another in jail. Aaron Olden of Mineral Springs was shot at a home on Story Lane in Mineral Springs. After More »


Hope School Board Holds August Meeting

The Hope School Board held their August meeting Monday evening (8-18) following the first day of school.  In the Superintendent’s report Mr. Bobby Hart noted the Yerger bus drive is completed and More »


Silvey Family of Bodcaw Wins “Music in The Park” Competition at Washington

The final edition of “Music In The Park” was held Saturday August 16th at Historic Washington State Park. The program included a competition with musical acts performing an original song dealing with More »


New State Police Commander Named for Troop “G” in Hope

The Arkansas State Police Commission has approved the recommendation for promotion of Lieutenant Forrest Marks to the rank of captain. With that promotion effective September 1, Captain Marks will assume duties as More »


Hempstead County Economic Development Corporation Welcomes Mack McLarty

The Hempstead County Economic Development Corporation hosted its annual meeting Thursday August 14th at Hempstead Hall. Approximately 200 people enjoyed a fish dinner prepared by Amigo Juan and were treated to a More »

Hope Lions Hear Program from Scott Jester of Rainbow of Challenges


The Hope Lions Club heard a great program from Rainbow of Challenges Development Coordinator Scott Jester on Monday July 28th. Jester gave a history of the organization and noted it was one of the largest employers in Hempstead County with over 400 employees. Jester noted Rainbow of Challenges started in 1967 in the local Boy Scout hut in Fair Park. Jester may not be awared the Lions built that facility and donated to Boy Scout Troop 91 in 1964.

Party at Old Washington gym Leads to Many Altercations


On 7/27/14 at approximately 1:30 AM Hempstead County Deputies Steven Dunham and Kyle Rowe were dispatched to the Old Washington Gym at the request of a private security company who was providing security for function (Party) at the gym. Upon arrival Deputy Dunham and Rowe walked around the parking lot and made sure there were no altercations. The deputies contacted one of the security officers who advised the deputies that there were approximately 500 people at the function. While talking to the security officer they were advised of a fight in the building. Deputy Dunham and Rowe went inside and assisted the security officers with the fight, the security officers advised that the subject was pepper sprayed and asked the deputies if they would escort him outside. Once the deputies were outside they observed another fight in the parking lot. Deputies and security officers were able to break that fight up after the security officers used pepper spray on the subjects that were fighting. After breaking up the fight the subject was detained by security officers. Several attendees attempted to free the detained individual as Deputy Dunham and Rowe tried to keep the crowd from freeing the subject. Deputy Dunham and Rowe encountered several more individuals fighting outside Deputies and Security officers again deployed pepper spray to break up the fights. At that point the crowd of approximately 300 people surrounded the deputies preventing them from taking the subjects into custody. As the crowd became aggressive towards the Deputies and Security Officers they formed a circle standing back to back. Deputies radioed for assistance and Hope City units and ASP troopers responded. While waiting for assistance several people from the crowd started throwing beer bottles, gas cans and rocks at the Deputies and Security Officers.  As the crowd started to disperse another fight started by the road way. Deputies and security officers went to break the fight up as deputies attempted to place the subjects in hand cuffs another fight started next to the deputies as the subject started to flee into the crowd. Due to the amount of people deputies decided not to pursue the subjects into the aggressive crowd. As Deputies were attempting to get to the front porch of the gym another fight started as deputies tried to attempting to break that fight up a gun shot was fired by someone in the crowd.  The crowd became more aggressive towards the deputies and security officers; the only way they were able to make it to the gym was by gun point. Hope City Officers and ASP Troopers arrived to assist the Deputies as the crowd began to disperse. Approximately 100 to 150 of the persons in attendance made their way to Hope and starting gathering at the Exxon Station and McDonald’s on Hervey Street. Hope Officers, Deputies and Troopers went to the locations and once again dispersed the crowds from the business.

Counterfeit Currency on Rise in Hope


The presentation of counterfeit currency into the local economy of Hope, Arkansas is on the rise according to Hope Police Chief JR Wilson.  “While certainly the types of incidents reported to HPD that involve counterfeit currency do not pose a serious threat to our local economy, none the less, over the past two months, HPD has seen a significant rise in the cases reported.” Over a 41 day period, HPD seized 16 counterfeit bills related to 14 separate incidents.  This volume of activity in such a short period of time is unusual for our area.  Of the sixteen bills seized, seventy five percent represented $20 bills.  The remainder were (1) $100, (1) $10, (1) $5, and (1) $1 bill. In 2013, HPD worked 40 cases related to forgery, of which 12 cases concerned the counterfeit of US Currency.  In 2012, HPD worked 58 cases related to forgery of which 28 cases concerned the counterfeit US Currency.  “There has been a significant statistical increase of incidents documenting the seizure of counterfeit currency within our jurisdiction since June 13, 2014. The data is suggestive of possible local production.  HPD submits all counterfeit currency to the US Secret Service along with a copy of our incident report.  HPD works in cooperation with Federal, State and other local authorities to resolve issues pertaining to counterfeiting.” Concerning the importance of citizen recognition and information related to criminal activity, Chief Wilson stated, “Citizens play a vital role in the creation of safe neighborhoods and cities by refusing to tolerate criminal activity and providing specific credible information to detect and resolve crime.  With respect to the counterfeit of US Currency,  I would encourage our citizens to: notify police immediately if you suspect any activity associated with the fraudulent reproduction of Federal Reserve Notes or other commercial paper; become familiar with our currency and how to detect fraudulent representations; be prepared to provide specific and detailed information pertaining to circumstances surrounding perceived criminal activity; and visit the Secret Service and other websites to  learn about the security features related to US Currency.  Of particular importance over the last decade has been the introduction of enhanced security features such as the watermark and the embedded security thread in some Federal Reserve Notes.” “Safe neighborhoods, towns and cities are directly related to citizen involvement.  Stand up and speak out.  Only together can we ensure a great city for ourselves, our children, and our neighbors. ”

Historic Washington Sets Band/Performer Contest For August 16th

The 3rd and final edition of “Music In the Park” this year at Historic Washington State Park will be a band competition.  The competition is set for Saturday August 16th at 7:30pm at the park.  Bands or soloists must perform an original composition based upon an American conflict.  This can be any conflict from the Revolutionary War to the most recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The contest is limited to 6 bands.  Judging will be scored on original composition, crowd appeal, vocal performance, instrumental performance, and event theme connection.  Cash prizes will be given for the top 3 places.  For information call the park at 983-2684 or visit historicwashingtonstatepark.com

Hemsptead County Quorum Court Meets


The Hempstead County Quorum Court met for their monthly meeting Thursday (7-24). There was only one piece of official business. The auditors had requested an ordinance from Judge Tony Yocom to designate the sheriff’s Department and Circuit Clerk’s office as the official recipients for court fines, costs, and restitution. The J.P.’s passed the ordinance for for district and circuit court. Several J.P.’s asked County Judge Wallace Martin about damage in the county from Wednesday’s (7-23) storms. The judge noted he only knew of downed trees and limbs. J.P. Jay Lathrop from the north end of the county noted there were many electrical outages in that area and that the Bingen Community Center sign was blown down. After talking about the storms and the Watermelon Festival the Quorum Court adjourned.

UACCH to Sponsor “Watermelon Idol” Talent Competition during Hope Watermelon Festival


It is time for the Watermelon Festival Concert and the popular Watermelon Idol Talent Competition.  Officials at the University of Arkansas Community College at Hope are pleased to announce the College will sponsor and conduct the Sixth Annual “Watermelon Idol” talent competition during the upcoming 38th Annual Hope Watermelon Festival. The Festival is scheduled from August 7-9 in the Hope Fair Park. The preliminary competition will take place on the McDonald’s stage in the Fair Park Coliseum Thursday, August 7 at 6:00pm with the finals scheduled for Saturday, August 9th at 10:30am on the BancorpSouth stage. Talent from the surrounding area is invited to register for the competition, which features cash prizes for the winners as well as the opportunity for the overall winner to open for David Nail Saturday evening. The contest is open to all singers or vocal groups regardless of ages or residency. The two divisions are: single vocal or vocal group. Each act will be limited to five minutes and entrants may perform with a pre-recorded instrumental track, perform acappella or with live instrumental backing only.  Thirty applicants will be accepted. The top five in each division will be selected for the finals.  A cash prize of $300 will be awarded to the overall winner of the finals with $150 awarded to the runner-up and $50 to the third-place finisher. For more information or for complete rules, please contact Brent Talley at brent.talley@uacch.edu or 870-777-5722. Entries will be accepted through Thursday, August 7th at 5:30 p.m. To register for the competition complete an application online at www.uacch.edu.  There is no fee to enter.

Klipsch Announces Reference Unity Strategy


Klipsch, a leading global speaker and headphone manufacturer, with major operations in the Oakhaven Industrial area near Hope, has announced its Reference Unity strategy, a global initiative that will align the majority of its product offerings under the Klipsch Reference series. The new approach unifies the speaker series to a wider audience at various price points, including tiered levels of home theater speakers, soundbars and headphones. Flagship Klipsch products lines such as Palladium, Heritage, THXUUltra2 and ProMedia will remain as they are in today’s market, with all future home theater speakers, soundbars and headphones falling under the Reference umbrella. “Kipsch is returning to our celebrated core product line with the power of thousands of satisfied customers already in place,” said Matt Sommers, vice president of marketing and creative strategies for Klipsch. “We are launching exciting products in complimentary verticals with much tighter parameters for consistency in the marketplace. This strategy is our first step in claiming Klipsch’s rightful place as the great American speaker brand.” Klipsch’s united front will allow dealers and distributors to market to customers across all product categories.

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